Courses and workshops for 2022

Fall semester 2022/23

Course/workshop Date
Looking to the Future – General Track: a course that helps you figuring out which career path you want to takeTuesdays at 4 pm, starting October 18
Time and Self-Management with Andrea Tschirf, 1-day workshopDecember 6, 9 am – 5 pm
Teaching Didactics with Elisabeth Weber, 1+1-day workshopSeptember 27 and 29, 9 am – 5 pm
Interview Training for Industry with Christine Mössler, 1/2 theory input, 1-1 mock interview 2 weeks later November 11 and November 29/30
How to have difficult conversations: 6 week course where you can learn how to address delicate topics and have a productive conversation instead of an argument tbd
Leadership skills for postdocs: 2-day workshop for postdocs to get an introduction to leadership skills for scientists End of January
Science communication skills for scientists, 1/2-day workshop tbd
E-Lab: IST Austria’s course on entrepreneurship by the Technology Transfer Office tbd
Scientific Presentations: 6 week course where you learn how to use insights from stage performers and story telling to bring your science talk to the next level tbd

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